2022-2023 Learning Theme

Broaden horizons through diversity learning
Unleash potentials with positivity

Our Expectations of Makopanians

Enthusiastic and Self-motivated
Loyal and Responsible
Pure and Courteous
Honest and Courageous
Sincere and Considerate

MKP English Week - English Mini-concert (30 Nov & 1 Dec 2022)
Bravo! The English Mini-concert, was successfully held at the hall during lunchtime in these two days. This year, more than 25 individuals and groups submitted their videos for audition. 9 students and 5 groups went to the finals. Their performance was amazing! More than 250 students and teachers attended this wonderful concert to support the performers.
MKP English Week - English Challenge (28 Nov 2022)
Give thanks! The first activity of our school’s English Week, English Challenge, was successfully held at the hall during lunchtime today. Over 210 students joined the event. They not only practised English outside classroom, but also learnt more about the cultures of seven countries including Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Germany, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. They enjoyed playing different games such as RUGBY TOSS and interacted with 12 native English speakers of Intercultural Education.
New Territories Outstanding Student Award 2022

6B Chan Hong Kiu was awarded Outstanding Students of the New Territories 2022. The event was organized by Federation of New Territories Youth and The Federation of New Territories Youth Foundation Limited. Congratulations.

Tuen Mun Outstanding Student Award 2022

4A Fung Ka Ching and 5A Cheung Kin Fung were awarded Outstanding Students of Tuen Mun 2022. The event was organised by Tuen Mun Youths Association. 6B Chan Hong Kiu was awarded Outstanding Student of Tuen Mun 2022 – Top 10. Congratulations.

S2 / S3 Admission Application (2022-2023)

Please download the application form from our school web site (27/6/2022-27/7/2022) or collect it at the Art Room 211 (26/7/2022-27/7/2022). Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the Art Room 211 from 26/7/2022 to 27/7/2022.

S3 students participated in a very interesting activity, namely BAFS Day on 17 June 2022. They played different games and learned concepts about personal financial management. This activity was successfully held and students enjoyed a lot from it.
S3 Science Day
S3 students joined a Science Day on 15 June 2022 during lunch time. Senior form Physics, Chemistry and Biology students prepared different interesting demonstrations and hand on experiments for the participation of their junior schoolmates in order to show the fascinating side of learning science. S3 students learned different scientific theories through joining these demonstrations and experiments.
S2 IS Days
S2 students joined a project about scientific investigation. Two classes made water rockets and two classes made fruit cell with largest voltage output. After they prepared the products, they showed their outputs and shared with other students about their findings during the periods 13-17 June 2022.
The 2022 Harvard Book Prize
5A CHENG TSZ YING, 5B CHAN WING LAM and 5B CHAN MING CHUN were awarded the Harvard Book Prize which was organized by Harvard Club of Hong Kong Education Fund for their outstanding academic performance. They attended the prize presentation on 27 May 2022. Congratulations!
The Twenty-fourth Speech Day (21/May/2022)

The 24th Speech Day was successfully held on Saturday, 21 May, 2022. It is our honour to have Dr. Leung Kam Bor, Sherman, Hon.Education Advisor of Stewards, to be our guest of honour.

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