Key Strategies and Activities to
Create a Rich English Learning Environment
Campus and Off-campus English Activities
RTHK Teen Time
S3 Telescope Making Project
In-school Workshop:
Learning English Language Arts with Mr. Alan Gibbons
S1 English Interview Day
English Singing Contest
English Society: Valentine's Day Song Dedication
Cross Road: The Struggle For Survival
(Paper Bag Simulation)
Lunchtime Reading Café
Lunchtime Movie Show
Lunchtime English Drama Show
S3 English Project: Charity Day Presentation
English Excursion: Global Life Experience at HK Crossroads
Visits of Missionaries & Foreign Friends of MKP
English Speaking Tasks
English Days
English Society and Other English-related Club Activities
(e.g. Drama Club)
S1 - S3 Self Study English Booklets (with CD-Roms)
Territory-wide Competitions & Learning Projects (e.g. Essay Writing Competitions & Drama Competitions)
Submitting Students’ Articles to Newspapers for Publication