Civic Education

Having been set up again this year, our unit aims at nurturing our students to become 21st century citizens (and also global citizens) as well as role models for the Global Village members. We aim at strengthening students' awareness of their moral and civil responsibilities from various perspectives through cross-curricular cooperation. Meanwhile, the unit also engages students in responding to social issues promptly and to different activities. It is hoped that students can understand their duties and responsibilities as citizens and be aware of the current situations in Hong Kong and China. This sharpens students' sensitivity to current affairs, promotes their care towards the community and also strengthens their national identity.

This academic year our unit, in corporation with other units in the school, arranged a lot of activities which had not been held before in cooperation with other units of the school. In the case of nurturing students' civic awareness, we invited government officials to deliver talks to us, visited government departments, and joined external activities. Our unit has also worked closely with Yan Yau Church this year and we held a series of talks about character education, so as to let parents know the importance of character to our students.

The activities this year were of a wide variety:

  1. The Flag Hoisting Ceremony
  2. We took part in the anti-corruption educational campaign organized by the ICAC, which included an anti-corruption interactive drama and "i-Teen Junior Reporters Scheme"
  3. Visits
    Civic Education Resource Centre, "Animated Version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" Exhibition, Hong Kong Museum of History's "Centenary of China's 1911 Revolution"
  4. National Identity Education
    1. The Education Bureau invited us to attend the seminar of "Shanghai Expo- Hong Kong Twin Cities' Culture and Yangzi River Delta's Planning and Development Tour", so as to share our last year's Shanghai Expo experience
    2. We joined The Education Bureau's Pass It On: "Chinese Culture Exploration and Inheritance", National Identity Education Exchange Plan- "Beijing Tianjin- Cultural Old City Exploration Tour"
  5. In cooperation with Yan Yau Church, we held talks on Character Education: The first talk was "Embracing Hearts of the Youth", the second was "Each Family has Good Characters", and the third was "Merciful Words from Parents' Mouths".
  6. We organized activities like News Board Introduction, Interclass Cleanliness Competition, Class Discipline Competition, Top Ten News' Election, Makopan Green Christmas Thanksgiving Party, etc.