Christian Education

Jehovah is the one true God, and Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Man can only find eternal life and true abundance through our Creator. As such, through our curriculum, both formal and informal, and with different activities held on campus, we promoted Christian education and lead students to analyze what has been learned, so as to help students gain an accurate and deep understanding of Christianity. They can then have a more accurate interpretation of the world they are facing, and they can live as an honest, sinless person and a person whose deeds can glorify God and benefit others. First, in our formal curriculum, our S1 and S2 students have the theme of Noah’s Ark and Jesus’s life as the base of our cross-subject projects’ learning platform. Meanwhile, we have infused Christian beliefs and values into different subjects, leading students to know our Creator, helping them to consider the search of the true meaning of life and establish a proper worldview. Other activities, such as school assembly, morning assembly, morning prayer meeting, lunch cell group, morning quiet time and student fellowship, are all conducted with “the learning of Jesus’ virtues” as the main learning objective. Also, Yan Yau Church arranged different camps in August, February and July and let students have a deeper understanding about the belief of Christianity. Yan Yau Church also specifically arranged a lot of supportive activities for S.6 graduates; they organized prayer meetings before the release of public exam results and provided photocopying services on the day of release.