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-   Learning Theme: Blooming Life Colours, Enhancing Learning Capability   Expectations: Enthusiastic & Self-motivated; Loyal & Responsible; Pure & Courteous; Honest & Courageous; Sincere & Consider   


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Visit to Jao Tsung-I Academy (21 May 2019)2019-05-21 (Tuesday)On 21st May, S4 students studying History visited Jao Tsung-I Academy. Through various activities such as site visit, role play and seminar, students learnt more about local history and its impacts.
The Eighth Graduation Ceremony of Secondary Six Cum Annual Parade (17 May 2019)2019-05-17 (Friday)Guests of Honour: Dr. So Kwok-sang (Secretary General of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority)
Uniform Day (30/4/2019)2019-04-30 (Tuesday)We were honored to have invited Captain Chan Wai Keung SCFM, Commanding Officer of Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps to be the guest of honour at the Assembly on our Uniform Day (30/4).
Shanghai and Nanjing Historical and Cultural Study Tour (13-17 April 2019)2019-04-13 To 17Our school organised the “Shanghai and Nanjing Historical and Cultural Study Tour” during the Easter holiday. A total of 33 junior form students participated in the tour. Through visiting various museums and historic monuments, exchanging idea with the students and teachers there, our students have deepened their understanding of the history and culture, as well as the latest development in Shanghai and Nanjing.
Student Concert(4 April 2019)(Guest of Honour: Mr Tam Tsz Leong of Tuen Mun Christian Grace Chapel)2019-04-04 (Thursday)On 4 April 2019, F.2 and F.4 students joined the student concert to appreciate different types of performance presented by our Marching Band, Choir, String Ensemble and Chinese Ensemble. The flute, woodwind and brass ensemble from our Marching Band also performed at the concert.
Author's Talk with Mr. Howard Wong (8 March 2019)2019-03-08 (Friday)We were honoured to host the author of “Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes” – Mr. Howard Wong for a talk on 8 March. Mr. Wong is a famous writer behind the Hong Kong Disneyland’s one-shot comic Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes . Our S.3 and S4 students were inspired by Mr. Wong’s techniques that bring stories and characters to life for readers. They also learnt from him the importance of having pauses to clear our minds and the ways to deal with adversity.
First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Junior Forms) (28 Feb 2019)2019-02-28 (Thursday)Guests of Honour: Dr. Thomas K.F. Chiu (Director of School-University Partnerships, Faculty of Education, HKU)
First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Senior Forms) (28 Feb 2019)2019-02-28 (Thursday)Guests of Honour: Dr. Chi-Hing Kee JP (Chair of Fullness Social Enterprises Society)
The Eighth Secondary Six High Table Luncheon (19 February 2019)2019-02-19 (Tuesday)On 19 February, all Secondary Six students and their teachers attended the annual high table luncheon at the School Hall. Our School Supervisor, Dr. Lam Kin Sang gave the ceremony remarks and encouraged all Secondary Six students to be the salt and light of the world. We gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the high table luncheon and the six happy years that students and teachers spent together.
English Excursion: Pizza Express Visit (12 Feb 2019)2019-02-12 (Tuesday)A group of our students visited Pizza Express - the K11 Art Mall branch on 12 Feb 2019. Students understood more about the history of Pizza Express, the daily operation of running a restaurant and the ingredients of a pizza. Students also had a chance to use their creativity to design and make their own pizzas. All of them enjoyed the activity very much.
Sharing on Self-designed Brain Training Games (2 Feb 2019)2019-02-02 (Saturday)We are grateful that our school's Caring Ambassadors for the Elders had the chance to introduce to the workers from different elderly centers the board games designed to improve the elderly’s brain health on 2 Feb. Almost 50 workers from different districts came to join the workshop and knew more about the games designed by our students.
S.3 Chi. Drama Competition2019-02-01 (Friday)(Please refer to Chinese Version)
English Excursion: Aids X-perience and Blind X-perience at Crossroads Foundation (26 Jan 2019)2019-01-26 (Saturday)A group of our students joined the Aids X-perience and Blind X-perience programs at Crossroads Foundation on 26 Jan 2019. Through the simulation activities, students learnt much more about the plights of the blind and the AIDS patients. They were challenged to put themselves into the shoes of these people.
S1 Gospel Camp (21-22 Dec 2018)2018-12-21 To 22Please refer to Chinese Version.
School Information Day (1 Dec 2018)2018-12-19 To 2019-08-31-
Home-School Association Cooking Competition2018-12-11 (Tuesday)(Please refer to Chinese Version)
Our School Won the Special Award for Educational Body of the ‘Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP)2018-11-08 (Thursday)Give thanks! Our school won the Special Award for Educational Body of the ‘Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) for the outstanding performance in implementing its one-year project in 2017-18. Principal Yip, the Caring Ambassadors for the Elders, as well as the elders from our Elder Academy attended the Award Presentation Ceremony held in Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on 8 November. Principal Yip and Vanessa Lo Yee Tung, the chairperson of the Caring Ambassadors for the Elders, received the award from Dr Lam Ching-Choi, the Chairman of the Elderly Commission Our school won the District Best Awards of the 'Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) for the outstanding performance in implementing its one-year projects in 2014-15 and 2016-17. More Information about the OEP To take forward the Government's policy objective of 'Promoting a Sense of Worthiness among the Elders', the Social Welfare Department (SWD), launched the 'Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) in 1998-1999 with the support from the Lotteries Fund. Since April 2003, the OEP has become a regular service of SWD.
Visit to the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) (7 Nov 2018)2018-11-07 (Wednesday)Eight F.5 students visited the HKICPA on 7 November 2018. They attended two seminars about the career path of becoming a professional accountant, visited the head office of the HKICPA and enjoyed a dialogue with the representatives of the Association.
The Twenty Second Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony(24 October 2018)2018-10-24 To 11-24Guest of Honour: Rev. Wu Ka Ho, Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian & Missionary Alliance Tuen Mun Yau Oi Chapel
Talk on American English by Ms. Nina Lewis, the Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Consulate Hong Kong and Macau (16 October 2018)2018-10-16 (Tuesday)It was our honor to have Ms. Nina Lewis, the Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Consulate Hong Kong and Macau, giving our S.4 and S.5 students a talk on American English on 16 October. Our students enjoyed the talk and they were inspired by Ms. Lewis’s sharing about the American culture and English idioms.
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