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-   Learning Theme: Reading for pleasure, Nurturing positive character traits   Expectations: Enthusiastic &Self-motivated; Loyal &Responsible; Pure &Courteous; Honest &Courageous; Sincere &Consider

DSE preparation assembly (16 September 2020)

Date : 2020-09-16 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Academic
Mr So Chun Wai, our vice principal, Mr Lee Ming Sum, our school social worker, and Ms Wong Yuen Yung, our alumnus who is now a year 1 student majoring in the Chinese Language at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared with all our Form 6 students about the valuable and essential skills of time and stress management in the face of the coming DSE examination, as well as strategies of coping with the public examination under the influence of the recent pandemic. (September, 2020)
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