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-   Learning Theme: Living a fulfilling life, Being a proactive learner   Expectations: Enthusiastic & Self-motivated; Loyal & Responsible; Pure & Courteous; Honest & Courageous; Sincere & Consider   

Author's Talk with Mr. Howard Wong (8 March 2019)

Date : 2019-03-08 (Friday)
Activity Category : Academic
We were honoured to host the author of “Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes” – Mr. Howard Wong for a talk on 8 March. Mr. Wong is a famous writer behind the Hong Kong Disneyland’s one-shot comic Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes . Our S.3 and S4 students were inspired by Mr. Wong’s techniques that bring stories and characters to life for readers. They also learnt from him the importance of having pauses to clear our minds and the ways to deal with adversity.
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