English Language Education


Develop students' genuine interest in language learning by enriching the English environment.
Fine-tune the existing curriculum so as to facilitate students to learn English effectively.

Enriching the English Learning Environment

Campus and Off-campus English Activities

RTHK Teen Time

Learning English Language Arts with Mr. Alan Gibbons


S1 English Interview Day


English Corner Activities


English Singing Contest





English Society

Valentine's Day Song Dedication



The Struggle For Survival(Paper Bag Simulation)


S3 English Project

Charity Day Presentation


Global Life Experience at HK Crossroads

Visits of Missionaries & Foreign Friends of MKP




English Speaking Tasks

A variety of English speaking tasks related to the school's learning themes have been designed.


English Days



Zoom Activities

English Society and Other English-related Club Activities

e.g. Journalists, Drama Club




S1-S3 Self Study English Booklets (with sound files)

Territory-wide Competitions & Learning Projects

e.g. Essay Writing Competitions & Drama Competitions


Submitting Students’ Articles to Newspapers for Publication

English Society

Our Mission

We aim at promoting the appreciation of the English culture through various campus and off-campus English activities. We also aim at developing members' creativity and leadership by working with teachers to organize different campus English activities, such as English Days and English Song dedication.

Teacher Advisors

Mrs. Preeti Dayal, Mr. Kung Chun Kei, Jacob


Cheung Po Lun 5A

Vice Chairperson

香港神託會主辦馬錦明慈善基金馬可賓紀念中學 Stewards Ma Kam Ming Charitable Foundation Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
訪客人次: 15323615
地址: 屯門石排頭路17號
Address: No. 17, Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
電話(Tel): 2407 7440
傳真(Fax): 2407 7443
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