Parental Affairs

The Home-School Association (HSA), which has been established for 20 years, serves as a bridge for communication between parents and the Parental Affairs Unit. The Parent Affairs Unit expresses gratitude to parents for their voluntary services, such as reheating lunch boxes as well as assisting with invigilation and accounting. This academic year, Ms Wat Pui Shan serves as the HSA chairperson. With her rich experience in organizing activities for parents, the HSA successfully held various events, further strengthening the relationship between the school and parents.

The following are the activities organised by the Parental Affairs Unit in the 2022-2023 academic year:

Whole Year
Reheating students' lunchboxes

September to October
Making plastic sleeves for books of the school's library
Assisting with accounting
Parent volunteer gathering
The Election and Inauguration of the New Home-School Association
S1 Parents' Night
S6 Parents' Night
Assisting with invigilation during the 1st Term Uniform Tests

November to December
Parents Praise Dance Class
S2 Parents' Night
S5 Parents' Night
S4 Parents' Night
Being on duty on the school's Open Day
S3 Parents' Night
Parents Balloon Twisting Class

Assisting with invigilation during the 1st Term Examinations
Parents Chinese New Year Decoration Handicraft Class
Parents Chinese New Year Couplets Writing Activity

1st Term Parents' Day

Assisting with invigilation during the 2nd Term Uniform Tests
Parent-Child Calligraphy Class

HSA's Day Trip to Hong Kong Palace Museum and West Kowloon Cultural District
Parents' Talk on Being Your Child's Life Mentor: Embracing Adversity and Inspiring Potentials (Guest Speaker: Dr. Charles Yu)

Assisting with invigilation during the 2nd Term Examinations

2nd Term Parents' Day
Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Activity

Due to the impact of the pandemic, we were unable to hold the HSA Party this year. Nonetheless, we are deeply grateful for the selfless dedication of our past and present parent volunteers and HSA committee members, who have contributed significantly to the implementation of our school's educational philosophy and the enhancement of school management effectiveness. We also appreciate the willingness of the new committee members to contribute their valuable time and effort to further develop the HSA's work.

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