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-   Learning Theme: Respect for Life Be a Servant Leader    Our Expectations: Enthusiastic & Self-motivated; Loyal & Responsible; Pure & Courteous; Honest & Courageous; Sincere & Considerate   
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2017-06-27S1 admission application (2017-2018)

Please collect the application form at the office or download it here. Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the Visual Art Room on 13/7/2017.

2017-06-27S2 / S3 Admission Application (2017-2018)

Please collect the application form at the office or download it here. Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the office from 3/7/2017 to 6/7/2017.

2017-06-222017 Harvard Book Prize (26 May 2017)
Our students from 5A Lai Sze Ting, 5A Choi Long Fung and 5B Lau Suet Ying received Harvard Book Prize 2017. The prize award ceremony was held on 26 May 2017. Congratulations!
2017-06-20Uniform Day(15 May 2017)
We were honored to have invited Mr. Lam Tin Yau, Principal Staff Officer (Red Cross Youth) of Hong Kong Red Cross to be the guest of honour at the Assembly on our Uniform Day (15/5).
2017-06-20F.6 Gospel Camp (8-10 June 2017)
Thank God! F.6 Gospel Camp was successfully held. There were 115 F.6 students joining the camp. More than half of them committed to Christ or pledged to live as good Christians.
2017-06-20The Sixth Graduation Ceremony of Secondary Six Cum Annual Parade (19 May 2017)
2017-06-20Uniform Group Tug-of-War Competition (Boys) (9 May 2017)
2017-06-20Uniform Group Tug-of-War Competition (Girls) (8 May 2017)
2017-06-2020th Anniverary Uniform Group Wild Camp Reunion (28 April 2017)
2017-06-2020th Anniversary Uniform Group Wild Camp (13-15 April 2017)
2017-05-17JSMA 2017 Marching Band Competition (3 May 2017)
Our marching band has participated in the Joint School Music Association 2017 Marching Band Competition and was awarded the golden prize.
2017-05-16Visit to an animal center (3 April 2017)
Five S4 and S5 students visited an animal center operated by the Hong Kong Animal Welfare and Health Care Association on 3 April, 2017. Dr To, a vet in this animal center, shared his work routines, general job entry requirements, future development of animal services and some touching stories of being a vet. Students got inspired and had a better understanding of this profession after this visit.
2017-05-16The 14th Infrastructure Building Competition for Secondary School (14 February 2017)
Fifteen S4 students participated in the 14th Infrastructure Building Competition for Secondary School on 12 Feb., 2017. As part of an ongoing bid to raise awareness of the engineering professions among young people and enhance interest in studying related subjects, the Engineering Discipline of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), member institution of the Vocational Training Council (VTC), partnered with the Hong Kong Construction Association and the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Hong Kong in organising the 14th Infrastructure Building Competition for Secondary Schools 2016 for students from Hong Kong and Macao. Through a series of lectures, activities and competitions, Ma Ko Pan students not only gained hands-on experience to design and build their own bridge from the scratch, but also learnt more about the Engineering programmes in tertiary institutions.
2017-05-16"Enable Sierra Leone – Prosthesis 3D printing" activity (1 May 2017)
Three S5 students joined a meaningful activity to make prosthesis for the underprivileged living in Sierra Leone. Enable Sierra Leone is a group of volunteers working in Sierra Leone. During the 90s, hundreds of adults and children lost their hands and arms due to the brutality of the Civic War. The volunteers thus used the advanced 3D-printed functional prosthetics to replace the lost body parts. It is a new and affordable way to deliver hope to this far corner of the world. Through this experience, our students not only have acquired the knowledge of making prosthesis and the skills of 3D printing technology, but also recognized the need of the unfortunate people in the third world.
2017-05-16S3 Subject Selection Counseling Workshops (12 times throughout March 2017)
S3 students were divided into small groups to meet with a teacher of the Careers Team during lunchtime. Students claimed they knew themselves better after completing a career questionnaire and being counselled. Besides, through the guidance and advice offered by the career guidance teachers, we believed students would discover their own career interests, strengths and weaknesses for making better choices in their HKDSE subject selections.
2017-05-16Workplace Experiential Day (29 April 2017)
About 30 students took part in the "Workplace Experiential Day" organized by the CCC Hung Lee College. They all enjoyed the experiential activities held by different professions, such as coffee brewing, marketing and promotion, and VR technology. This has broadened our students' horizons and better equipped them with the latest workplace information.
2017-05-16"The Physical World of Music" Mini-lecture (27 April 2017)

Dr. FUNG, Kin Hung from Department of Applied Physics at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to organize a mini-lecture called "The Physical World of Music" in Ma Ko Pan on 27 April, 2017. Over 50 students from S1 to S5 who are interested in Physics and Music participated in this mini-lecture. Dr Fung not only delivered his lecture on acoustic and sound waves, but also demonstrated some physical phenomenon with his cello. We all enjoyed the mini-lecture. Besides, Dr. Fung shared some information concerning Science and Engineering programmes at universities, which are useful for students for their further studies as well as their career life planning.

2017-05-11HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2016/17
4B LO YEE TUNG VANESSA, 4C LAU KA YI, 4D HUNG CHI LAM and 4D WONG YEE MAN were awarded Judges Commendation Prize at the HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2016/17 with the theme “Celebration of Corporate Anniversary”. Congratulations to our students.
2017-05-08Visit for S.4 History class (12 April 2017)
S.4 students studying History visited the Hong Kong Museum of History for the exhibition “the Legend of Hong Kong Toys”, as well as the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre during the Easter holiday. Students learnt much about the development of Hong Kong through the visit.
2017-03-29Visit by the Centre of Educational Leadership, HKU and Professionals from Gansu (27 March, 2017)

Please refer to the Chinese Version.

2017-03-21Accounting Forum 2017 (18 March 2017)
Seven F.5 BAFS students participated in a fruitful Accounting Forum organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 18/3/2017. During the lunch buffet, our students also had a chance to talk with accounting undergraduates, the Assistant Dean of the Business School (Undergraduate) and professionals from different business sectors. This was a valuable experience for our students.
2017-03-21School Visit by the Students and Teachers from Santa Laurensia Senior High School, Indonesia (17 Mar 2017)

Our school was honoured to be visited by the students and teachers from Santa Laurensia Senior High School in Indonesia on 17 Mar 2017. Our English Ambassadors toured our campus and had lunch with them. Students from Santa Laurensia Senior High School also joined our Secondary Four English Classes to have languages and ideas exchange. A cooking workshop was also held after school to make the Hong Kong local street food, curry fishball, and Indonesia cuisine, Bakwan Jagung-udang. All the participants enjoyed the activities and learnt a lot. We look forward to seeing them in the future.

2017-03-17Author's Talk with Mr. David Solomons (16 March 2017)
We were honoured to host the author of “My Brother is a Superhero” – Mr. David Solomons for a talk on 16 March. Mr. Solomons has been writing screenplays as well as novels for many years and his book, “My Brother is a Superhero” won the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2016. Our junior form students were inspired by the story-writing techniques shared by Mr. Solomons and they even worked with him to create a superhero during the talk!
2017-03-15First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Senior Forms)

Guests of Honour: Prof. H. C. Man (Deanof Faculty of Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Ms. Cheung Tak Chi (Chairlady of Home-School Association)

2017-03-15First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Junior Forms)
Guests of Honour: Mr. Gavin McDougall (Director, Public Affairs of Australian Consulate-General) & Ms. Chan Yin Fan (Committee Member of Home-School Association)
2017-03-03Secondary 1 Discretionary Places Mock Interview Name List
2017-03-01The Sixth Secondary Six High Table Luncheon (24 February 2017)
On 24 February, all Secondary Six students and their teachers attended the annual high table luncheon at the School Hall. Vice-Chairperson of Stewards, Mr. Tse Chun Fai and Chief Executive of Stewards, Mr. Lau Ying Pan gave the ceremony remarks and encouraged all Secondary Six students to be the salt and light of the world. We gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the high table luncheon and the six happy years that students and teachers spent together.
2017-01-20The Application of the Secondary One Discretionary Places(2017/18)
2017-01-09School-Based Gifted Education Interflow and Exhibition 2016
Our school was invited by the Gifted Education Section of EDB to participate in the School-Based Gifted Education Interflow and Exhibition 2016 on 17 December 2016. Two S3 students and some of our ICT and LS teachers shared their experiences on incorporating gifted education elements in learning and teaching.
2017-01-09S2 Gospel Camp (21-23/12/2016)

68 S2 students joined a gospel camp on 21-23/12/2016, which was organized by Christian Grace Chapel Tuen Mun (our S2 Religious Studies Co-teaching Church). Students could have more opportunities to reflect on life through different activities including sermons by pastors, sharing by Principal Yip, bible study held by group leaders, campsite hunting game, etc.

2016-12-22ApL Prize Presentation Ceremony
Congratulations to Chau Ki Fung (6E) who has been awarded the "Applied Learning Scholarship (2014/15 School Year)" by the Law's Charitable Foundation (LCF) and the Education Bureau (EDB). The scholarship is to show appreciation to students who demonstrated positive learning attitude and achieved good progress in studying their Applied Learning (ApL) courses in the 2015/16 school year. Each winner of the Scholarship will be awarded HK$1,000 and a certificate by the LCF.
2016-12-19"Brain Fitness" Board Game Design competition

Give thanks! Our Caring Ambassadors for the Elderly have won the following awards at the "Brain Fitness" Board Game Design competition organized by the Social Welfare Department:

I. The Most Elders-friendly Award
    Team members:
    Name of board game awarded: "Across the Traffic Light"
    Selection Criteria:
        The game is the most suitable for different levels of abilities of the elderly.

II. The Most Interactive Award & The Most Excellent Brain Fitness Award
    Team members:
    Name of board game awarded: "Card Tac Toe"
    Selection Criteria:
        1. The game is the most suitable for different levels of abilities of the elderly.
        2. The game is the best one to integrate a variety of senses and
            physical coordination so as to enhance the elderly&'s cognitive ability.

The objectives of "Brain Fitness" Board Game Design competition are to raise the public awareness of the needs of elders with dementia as well as the carers and to encourage the elders to participate in activities for brain health with the aim to prevent/mitigate brain degeneration.

2016-12-19The Twentieth Sports Day Prize Presentation Ceremony (15-16/11/2016)
2016-12-15School Information Day (3 Dec 2016)


2016-11-30Shandong Cultural Exchange Tour

Please refer to School Notices: A Letter to Makopanians (Excerpt) (13)

2016-11-21"InnoCarnival 2016" 3 Nov, 2016

121 F.1 students joined the "InnoCarnival 2016" held by the Innovation and Technology Commission on 3 Nov, 2016. The theme for this year is "Smart Living.Innovative Hong Kong" and there were various activities such as large-scale exhibitions, an electric vehicle exhibition, workshops, seminars, science competitions, guided tours, and an exhilarating entertainment show for students to gain hands-on and fun-filled experience of the convenience and fun brought by innovation and technology to their daily life. Students also joined the workshop such as "Robot seal design" "3D printing workshop" and "Indoor microgreens Grow It Yourself". All of them felt excited with the modern technology shown in the Carnival.

Website :

2016-11-14Career Simulation Game @ St. James Settlement

Career Sparkle of St. James Settlement is the first Career Service Center for youth in Hong Kong. They provide different career services such as "Career Live" – Career Simulation Game.

About 130 S5 students joined the 3-hour career stimulation game on 18 Oct and 11 Nov. The game provided a realistic and diversified work environment and professional equipment to engage our students in experiential learning. In these activities, each of our students had to wear the uniform of St. James Settlement to role-play staff members in different jobs. They then used professional equipment and tools to finish the assigned duty. In the end, students were shown a video clip which demonstrated the situations, requirements and characteristics of different jobs of the related industries through the sharing of frontline workers. During the group debriefing session, students were guided to set up a unique goal in life planning with reference to their reflections on their own interests, abilities and what they had learnt in the activities.

2016-11-11Author's Talk with Ms. Hyeonseo Lee (7 November 2016)

It was our honor to have Ms. Hyeonseo Lee, an author and an advocate for the deprived, giving our S.4 and S.5 students a talk on 7 November. Our students were touched by Ms. Lee's sharing about the plight of the deprived and her adventure. Our students were very eager to ask Ms. Lee questions and she shared with them a lot about her experiences and how the experiences became her memoir "The Girl with Seven Names".

2016-11-08Author's Talk (7 November 2016)


2016-11-08Tea Etiquette and Chinese Culture (3 November 2016)


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